Official Statements


Delegations are invited to present official statements of up to five minutes or 500 words. Instructions for official statements can be found below. 

Who can make a statement?

All delegations can express their interest in making an Official Statement. Only registered and confirmed participants can submit the request on behalf of their delegation. 

How can I make a statement?  

There are two types of statements– written or video. 

  • Written Statements: written statement can be shared via email to before the 20th of October. Written statements should be 500 words maximum. 
  • Video Statements: in addition to a written statement, all government delegations may pre-record an video statement to be presented virtually at the Regional Platform. As such, representatives are encouraged to ensure that their statements, when delivered orally via video, do not exceed 5 minutes. 

Other delegations (not member states) can submit a request to make an oral statement, however, time slots are limited, and we may not be able to accommodate every request. 

The deadline for submitting written or video statements is 20 October 2021.

Contact person/email: Mr. Stefan Quiroga at       

Guidance on the format for Official Statements 

  • Official Statements to the Seventh Session of the Regional Platform “Building Resilient Economies in the Americas and the Caribbean" are encouraged to focus on the following: The challenges and opportunities in implementing the Sendai Framework at national and local levels (Progress since the adoption of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and national targets as per the Sendai Framework); the risks and impacts of COVID-19 and other disasters, review the Regional Action Plan to assess needed adjustments, define regional priorities for the following two years and identify mechanisms to promote the integration of disaster risk management within and across sectors; and/or the systemic nature of risk, as well as the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19, climate change and other compounding risks in the region, take stock of the recovery efforts and recommend strategies to achieve resilient economies and build a risk-informed inclusive sustainable development. 

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