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First published in July 1988, Oceanography is the official magazine of The Oceanography Society.

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First published in July 1988, Oceanography is the official magazine of The Oceanography Society. It contains peer-reviewed articles that chronicle all aspects of ocean science and its applications. In addition, Oceanography solicits and publishes news and information, meeting reports, hands-on laboratory exercises, career profiles, book reviews, and shorter, editor-reviewed articles that address public policy and education and how they are affected by science and technology. We encourage submission of short papers to the Breaking Waves section that describe novel approaches to multidisciplinary problems in ocean science. Author guidelines can be found here.

Special issue sections of the magazine cover major ocean science programs or themes. Information about how to get a special issue on the calendar can be found here. Articles in the special issue section are invited by guest editors.

Oceanography is published four times a year in online and paper format. Articles are posted online immediately upon publication with full access to all content. Please refer to our permissions page for information about content usage.

Oceanography is covered in the Thomson Reuters Journal Citations Reports and the Science Citation Index Expanded.  Oceanography content is also available through JSTOR.

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