ECHO DP Workshop. Evidence in disaster preparedness: anticipating complex crises in a context of systemic risk

The workshop seeks to create a space for the joint development of Disaster Preparedness knowledge that can be reflected in the actions of ECHO partners in the region. In this sense, the main objectives of this workshop are:

  1. Share evidence of the impact and current and future alignment of Disaster Preparedness actions being executed by ECHO partners within the thematic lines, to validate the thematic analyzes with regional and national risk management entities.
  2. Systematize the knowledge, mainly lessons learned and good practices, of Disaster Preparedness generated in the region to be disseminated during the VIII Regional Platform.
  3. Compile programmatic recommendations resulting from the systematization work carried out within the thematic groups to be disseminated during the VIII Regional Platform.
  4. Based on the recommendations, identify priorities for the coming years for each of the subregions.

This new edition of the workshop will focus on thematic development in greater depth thanks to the definition by ECHO partners of the four regional lines of interest. This new methodology and through a combined format (virtual-face-to-face) will allow us to have dedicated but at the same time inclusive, participatory, and open thematic spaces, as well as workspaces at all levels in a scenario that includes regional and development actors (RP23).

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Taller echo


27 Feb 2023
09:00 - 17:00 (-03-03)

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