About the Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2023 (RP23)

The VIII Regional Platform represents an opportunity for governments, intergovernmental bodies, the private sector, civil society, scientific-technological community, cooperation agencies and donors, as well as other relevant stakeholders in the Americas and the Caribbean, to exchange experiences and facilitate decisions in the implementation of the Regional Action Plan (RAP) for the implementation of the Sendai Framework in the Americas and the Caribbean, agreed in March 2017 in Montreal, Canada, and updated under the auspice of the Government of Jamaica in November 2021.

The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) is the focal point for disaster risk reduction within the UN system. It oversees the implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 and convenes and organizes the Global and Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction. The eigth session of the Regional Platform in the Americas and the Caribbean (RP23) hosted by the Government of Uruguay in cooperation with the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR).

The VIII Regional Platform will have as its General Objective: to analyze the progress and obstacles for the implementation of the Sendai Framework and the RAP updated to 2021, to seek proposals and collective responses to the challenges in the increase in number and complexities of climate and disaster risks in the region; and to find sustained, attractive, and valid mechanisms for the best use of science and technology in holistic disaster risk management.


The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 (Sendai Framework) was the first major agreement of the post-2015 development agenda and provides Member States and stakeholders with concrete actions to prevent new and reduce existing disaster risk and to ensure a more sustainable and resilient future.

For more information, please see: What is the Sendai Framework? | UNDRR

Uruguay has proposed to give a relevant space during PR23 to the topics of science, technology, and early warning systems (Target G of the Sendai Framework), under the slogan “Science and Technology for the Comprehensive Management of Disaster Risk”. It is considered that it is necessary to focus on scientific and technological support as a fundamental tool for comprehensive management of disaster risk, particularly with regard to its feasibility, development, financing and implementation.

RP23 will feature an Official Programme, Informal Programme and Preparatory Days.

The Official Programme consists of Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Official Statements, Ministerial Meeting, Plenaries, Parallel Sessions and one Special Session.

The Informal Programme will feature at least Side Events, an Ignite Stage, and Learning Labs.   

The Preparatory Day will take place on the 27th February. During these days, Stakeholder groups and partners will have the opportunity to organize preparatory events in the lead up to the RP23 official programme.

The RP23 is a multi-stakeholder and inclusive event. It invites all stakeholders of the Sendai Framework and Disaster Risk Reduction agenda to register, including: Member States, parliamentarians, local governments, United Nations system entities, intergovernmental organizations, Major Groups and other Stakeholder groups. Access is only granted to registered and confirmed participants.

Registration for the RP23

Registration for the RP23 is now open. Access to the venue and to the virtual platform will only be granted to registered and confirmed participants.

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You can update your registration information by following these steps:

1.     Navigate to the RP23 Indico registration page (You must sign in using the same email/password you used to register)

2.     On the bottom of the page, click on “See Details”

3.     On RP23 Registration, click on “Check Details”

4.     On the top of the page, click on “Modify”

5.     You can now update your registration information. Make sure to click “Save” when completed.

Please follow the instructions in the above FAQ item (How can I update my RP23 registration information).

No, each person attending will need to set up their own Indico account and register individually for the RP23.

Participation in the RP23

The RP23 is an hybrid event with in person and the possibility of online participation in the sessions forming the RP23 official programme. Full access to the RP23 events is open to registered and confirmed participants.

No, there is no participation fee to attend RP23. However, registration is mandatory and capacity is limited.


Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements and for observing the COVID-19 travel rules and regulations informed by Uruguay. More information will be available soon. 

Yes, you can still participate in the Regional Platform as there are options for in-person and online participation. Please see “How can I engage in the RP23 Online” below.

Click here to register for the RP23.


Online engagement will be available for registered remote participants through a virtual conference platform and webcast will be broadly available.



Yes, streaming and recordings will be available on the RP23 website. No registration is required to watch the streaming and/or recordings.

UNDRR is inviting partners to shape the informal programme by taking part in the Expo and speaking at the Ignite stage. Applications for Expo booths and Ignite Stage speaking slots will take place through a fair and open process.

The RP23 team welcomes engagement in the preparatory process. To get involved, please register for the conference as soon as registration opens, explore the agenda and share the excitement with your networks using the RP23 hashtags #RP23 #TechnologyOnOurSide.