The EXPO is a space for attracting and showcasing new and innovative approaches in disaster risk reduction (DRR), including those related to the use of new technology, awareness-raising or educational activities.


The EXPO aspires to:

  1.  Create an environment that stimulates awareness-raising, behaviour change and shared learning
  2. Provide opportunities for experiential learning
  3. Motivate the application of new knowledge and approaches in DRR, with the emphasis on the development and use of more effective products, processes, services, technologies, and business models
  4. Ensure inter-disciplinary cross-fertilization of ideas, and to reach out beyond the more specialized DRR community so that new partnerships can evolve
  5. Showcase new ways to develop cost-effective DRR interventions
  6. Suggest new ideas to implement and advance the Sendai Framework



The EXPO will take the format of an in-person and online exhibit.

This call for proposals seeks innovation motions to be presented and showcased in a physical and/or virtual stand. Applicants are asked to indicate whether they want to take part in the physical exhibition or the virtual exhibition.

There are specific fees that apply for the in-person EXPO. Those participating in person are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation costs and handle the transport of any material they wish to bring with them.


Who can apply?

Member States, Parliamentarians, Local Governments, United Nations system entities, Intergovernmental Organizations, Major Groups and other stakeholder groups – who are registered for the RP23.


Selection Criteria

Proposals received by the deadline (24 January 2023) will be assessed by a Selection Committee. The following criteria will be used during the identification of proposals:

  1. Their degree of novelty: To propose new or different approaches and ideas to the market, to the industry and to the world
  2. The type of innovation: Process, product, or service system innovation
  3. Their potential to engage, captivate and motivate the RP23 audience



For more information please contact: