Ignite Stage


The Ignite Stage is a space in which participants of the RP23  will have 15 minutes (strictly timed) to present their projects, products or initiatives in the field of disaster risk reduction. The goal is to offer a space to share new ideas and spark innovation. This space complements and expands the range of topics discussed and presented in the Regional Platform. The Ignite Stage is open to all participants and will be in person only. Those interested in presenting at the Ignite Stage shall fill in an application form and the Platform organizers will select presentations according to the following criteria: diversity of topics, gender balance, geographic diversity, and space availability.


The deadline for submitting an application for the Ignite Stage has been extended to 30th December.



Selection criteria:

  1. Applications are received within the time of the opening of the call
  2. Due to the limited amount of slots available for side events, multi-stakeholder organizing teams, representing a variety of different organizations and perspectives, have a greater likelihood of being accepted 
  3. Geographic Balance
  4. Panellist Gender Balance
  5. Relevance of panellists to the proposed theme of science and technology
  6. Youth are strongly encouraged to apply for the Ignite Stage