PARALLEL SESSION: Lessons for sustainable and resilient development

The panel is made up of two renowned world experts in development, risk management and climate change. The panel seeks to answer the main questions of a select group of women regarding the main challenges that risk management and climate change have in the processes related to prospective risk management and investment.


Allan and Andrew have been part of numerous joint projects, representing different institutions as experts in Risk Management, Climate Change and Development. For decades, they have developed a crusade to communicate the importance of reducing the risk of disasters faced by the exposed and vulnerable population.


Risk is in the DNA of development, which is why knowledge of risk, particularly its systematic, intensive and extensive expression that is present as a sine qua non condition, dictates concrete actions that increase the resilience of livelihoods and resistance. of the infrastructures.


The systemic risk perspective must propose a methodological response to act at different levels in a systemic way to complex economic, environmental, social and governance problems in order to move towards real sustainable development beyond 2030.


Session objectives

  • Reflect on the state of the art of investment for disaster risk reduction and prospective risk management.
  • Propose concrete ideas to promote public and private investment that reduces the risk of disasters.
  • Evaluate the path that has been forged in risk management considering events that can trigger global crises such as pandemics, wars, hacks, etc.
  • Rethinking the way forward for disaster risk management, within the framework of the climate change adaptation and mitigation agenda towards 2030, 2050 and 2100.

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28 Feb 2023
14:30 - 15:30 (-03-03)

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