PARALLEL SESSION: Systemic Risk, inequality and inclusion: lessons from the pandemic on DRR

The Sendai Framework recognizes a systemic vision of risk and emphasizes the promotion of transversal and inter-institutional governance, as well as the inclusion of vulnerable populations. This parallel session will stimulate the understanding and appropriation of this perspective from a regional and community analytical perspective.


Session objectives

The purpose of the session is to share with the public the meaning of the concept of systemic risk, in such a way that its understanding, based on science, can be useful for all the actors involved in disaster risk reduction. This task will be carried out based on the following objectives:

  1. Offer a comprehensive perspective of the dynamics, relationship, and interdependence between socioeconomic and environmental systems, whose vision incorporates the territorial, economic, social, political, institutional, community, and risk governance dimensions;
  2. Highlight the importance that science-based risk communication should have, as well as decision-making in the context of the interaction of socioeconomic and environmental systems at their different territorial and administrative scales, from the local to the global, and their impact on disaster risk reduction.
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